Something I Wish People Knew

September 20, 2016

Today's Blog-tember topic is: Something you wish more people knew or believed.

I'm just going to talk about right where I'm at in life now.

I'm on my 8th year of teaching, and for 6ish years of it I was constantly told that if I were a mother I'd be a better teacher. As if suddenly you have compassion for kids because you were in labor at some point.

One year I even had a parent yell at me over the phone that I didn't have children, admit I didn't have children. My response: That wasn't a graduation requirement for my Master's Degree. The Master Teacher who was in the room with me quickly snatched the phone away from me.

My very first year teaching I had a parent corner me and tell me I had no right teaching because I was too young, hadn't taught before, and didn't have kids.

Again with having kids.

I'm here to tell you something though, having a kid didn't make me a better teacher.

It made me worse.

Have a I always been strict? Yes. Did people think I'd soften up having a kid? I guess so. That aspect didn't change though, because I just have high expectations on behavior and the effort kids put forth.

So what changed?

Well if you've read the recent viral post "To the Spouse of a Teacher." You'd think all my stress is "these poor mistreated children" related. Some of it is, but after several years I've learned to leave work at work as far as that's concerned. I can't fix the children's parents, I can only make them think someone loves them and believes in them while they sit in my room.

The issue though, my mind is elsewhere. I'd rather be home with my child.

Instead when I get home I'm so drained from hearing other people's children peck me half to death that when my own child is tired or fussy I don't have the patience for it. I used it all up on other people.

My child basically gets sloppy seconds mommy.

The tired, just wants to lay down and watch TV, not even bother working out version of Emily.

He doesn't see the 8AM happy, tea drinking, haven't heard my name 1,000 times Emily.

So for everyone who thinks having a child makes you a better teacher, nope. However, it also makes you a worse mother.

Because by 4PM Monday-Friday I have nothing left to give.