Favorite Instagramers

September 11, 2016

Day 11 of #blogtember and today's topic is favorite instagramers. I thought I'd take a #ff (follow friday) vibe and pick 4 people who I love to follow.

@mrskellystamps :: I've been following her blog since Harper was a baby and in the hospital, she's such a great woman of faith and it's so fun to see her adorable Southern style. She has always stuck to the way everyone blogged back in the day (pre 2010) and I love her style of writing and voice.

@lillouhandmade :: This is my best friend from high school's oldest sister. She started an Etsy a few years ago and she has some of the cutest hand painted signs around. Plus they were one of the families who lost their home in the recent flooding in South Louisiana and she posts updates if you want to see a first hand account of what it's like for so many families here.

@megcady :: I'm ashamed to say Meg and I live about 30 minutes apart and have never met for coffee lol! I'm the worst person to try and catch up with. She has the prettiest pictures and the best style. Plus the girl is a social media genius.

@tazandbelly :: Kristin is the go to blogger for bible journaling (in my opinion). As you can see from that pic her journaling is so stinking cute. She's also a fellow Whole30-er and posts recipes on her own page and over at her joint account with another IGer (@JenniferGreen) for their site @livewhole365.

So there's my top 4. Who are your favorite Instagramer's?