Blog-tember Intro & Goals

September 3, 2016

I'm late to the game, but I recently saw a few blogger friends doing this and thought it would be perfect. Especially since I've been wanting to do a back to blogging basics theme for 31 Days in October. So let's bust out the first two days of Blog-tember!

About Me

If you're new around here I definitely haven't done an intro post in quite some time.

I'm Emily, a Central Louisiana girl, gone North LA for college, and then taken kicking and screaming to South LA for the career side of life. If you're curious, Louisiana doesn't equal Cajun. Just way down south does, I was raised much more Southern. And Bible Belt, I should write a Baptist Bible Belt Stereotypes post just for fun!

I've been blogging since October 2008 and started this space to keep up with wedding planning. After the fact a few friends convinced me to keep it going and it turned into a recipe space. It evolves, but I keep my Louisiana Bride name. Mainly due to the tag (and life post wedding) & the fact that changing social media accounts would not be fun. Way back in the beginning of Twitter I remember being about to play with my name, now it's so saturated that I almost don't want to lose what I have. Several people have bit the bullet and revamped their blog names, but I just can't.

I'm also of the hippie type, at least my husband and sister identified me as that. Saying "identified" sounds so psychological, but my hubby is a psychologist and that term gets thrown around a lot, so whatever. Anyway, at the risk of sounding hipster... I'm not the new  trendy hippie type. I just like to save money and use things that don't irritate my allergies. Some of this also spins off the fact that cancer is a big issue in our family and I'm hoping that through a healthy diet and lifestyle (for the most part) that I can help things stay at bay.

I'm married to Jeremy and have one son, Harrison who's 18 months old. We also have a soft wire hair miniature dachshund that turns 10 tomorrow. She's quite the old lady these days. Two years ago Jeremy graduated with a Specialist (I like to say it because he is too modest to say it, he just says masters) and I was hoping that would be the end of school... but recently he decided to get a Masters in Divinity. So, basically, we are on a whole new adventure. Or we will eventually be on a whole new adventure.

Oh & there aren't any current pics of the husband who I suspect is Amish.

Anything you want to know, just ask.


Let's just focus on this month, my only goal for the remainder of the year is to not see another snake.

1. Participate in & complete the September Whole30 Challenge. Summer got the best of my Paleo ways & now that breastfeeding has come to a close it's time to lose the weight I gained when I quit pumping.

2. Keep up with the homework for the Armor of God study.

3. Workout 5 days a week at least during Whole30.

4. Find some new recipes!!!

5. Find a good book to read and finish it, I was doing way better at this a few months ago.

6. Keep upping my skin care routine and stick to it, again the breastfeeding hormones did a number on me.

So that's it, now onto the next post so I've totally caught up!