Blog-tember:: Adventure

September 15, 2016

Today's topic is:: What's the craziest adventure I've ever been on?

That would have to be in time in Naples, Italy. Which also includes getting there and leaving.

It was just nutty overall.

We missed our train due to miscommunication, then were threatened to have the cops called while we all sat in a train station because there was such an issue with protesting that it wasn't safe. We went during the big economic crisis there.

To top it off I was mugged in a group of 11 people. Or he attempted to mug me. A guy on a motorcycle drove through our group and grabbed my purse (Cross body wearer over here, he didn't get a thing.).

Our day trip to Mt. Vesuvius was cancelled due to the wet winter weather... but we went to Pompeii anyway (without the entire group like we were supposed to the next day --- they were all in Florence that day) and got into a car with some stranger who charged up something like 40 Euros to ride up the mountain and then find out that... we couldn't go.

So we ended up going to Pompeii without our whole group.

But only because we were having to go back to Rome early because the train system was boycotting the next day (when we were supposed to be in Pompeii).

Then to leave Naples we had to board a train early to beat the protests.

It was plain crazy, but so much stinking adventure packed into two days.

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