Blogtember: Favorite Recipes Posts

Today I'm listing my favorite blog posts, and since my main focus for the majority of my time blogging has been food I'll share my top 5 favorite posts from my recipe vault. Enjoy!

Oh and true story, I thought I'd share more than breakfast recipes... but I'm just sharing my favorite breakfast recipes. It's my favorite meal of the day.

1. Coconut Apple Breakfast Bowl
This recipe is a Whole30 favorite of mine when I've had all I can take of eggs and need something light.

2. Clean Eating Green Pancakes
I went though a stint after the Green Monster Smoothie phase that led to a variety of green meals. This was the favorite.

3. Breakfast Pumpkin Custard
This is my most popular recipe on my webiste (used to be a green juice) and it's caused the most Pinterest related arguing. Is it Whole30? Why'd she call it custard? It's not really a custard, I just needed some way to describe what the texture of it was. It's a casserole that doesn't taste like meat.

4. Shortcut Cinnamon Rolls
Also known as, I love Pioneer Woman's recipe but just can't wait for dough to rise.

5. Whole Wheat Banana Bread
I adore this recipe, it's my go-to really ripe banana user-upper recipe.