Blogtember: Favorite Recipes Posts

September 19, 2016

Today I'm listing my favorite blog posts, and since my main focus for the majority of my time blogging has been food I'll share my top 5 favorite posts from my recipe vault. Enjoy!

Oh and true story, I thought I'd share more than breakfast recipes... but I'm just sharing my favorite breakfast recipes. It's my favorite meal of the day.

1. Coconut Apple Breakfast Bowl
This recipe is a Whole30 favorite of mine when I've had all I can take of eggs and need something light.

2. Clean Eating Green Pancakes
I went though a stint after the Green Monster Smoothie phase that led to a variety of green meals. This was the favorite.

3. Breakfast Pumpkin Custard
This is my most popular recipe on my webiste (used to be a green juice) and it's caused the most Pinterest related arguing. Is it Whole30? Why'd she call it custard? It's not really a custard, I just needed some way to describe what the texture of it was. It's a casserole that doesn't taste like meat.

4. Shortcut Cinnamon Rolls
Also known as, I love Pioneer Woman's recipe but just can't wait for dough to rise.

5. Whole Wheat Banana Bread
I adore this recipe, it's my go-to really ripe banana user-upper recipe.