Someone Deserves To Be Shamed

January 22, 2014

So, we've had a little problem around here lately. 

Someone decided she had the best of ideas.

An idea so good it landed me cleaning dog barf for in between the couch cushions.

And once.... slipping and falling in diarrhea in a dark hallway.

Y'all this dog is about to make me insane. This brings me to why I'm posting this today, my all time favorite weenie dog needed some serious Dog Shaming today.

Did Ellie care about this behavior?

Nope, she rolled around and ignored me as we tried to discuss the matter.

This dog.

She has hit her tampon limit.

The trash can has gone to live in the bathtub.

The day after the little event I left the house for work, which Ellie followed me to the door as usual. The unusual was that Jeremy was still home and saw what she did.

Home girl took off running for my bathroom.

Unlucky for her... the trashcan was in its new permanent home.