A Little Birthday Cake Surprise

January 15, 2014

This past weekend we surprised my grandfather for his birthday a little early. 

The band he is in plays every 2nd Saturday at the Shrine in Natchez, so what a better time to show up than right before their break with a massive sheet cake! 

He's turning 75 at the end of the month.

This is yet one of the many combined reasons we are going to Puerto Rico in the summer, mixed in with my parents 35th anniversary, our 5th, and Jeremy's graduation.

Bunches of milestones in our bunch this year.

Of course after our little candle incident on Pop's 70th birthday, where I stuck 70 candles to the cake and single handedly melted off the icing while coving it in wax, he had to tease me about the melted candles on this one.

I blame my mother for lighting too soon, I will not take responsibility for this at all.

If it were my responsibility there would be a lot less icing and much more wax coverage.

Some individuals in the family complain that I take pictures of them, then again I say I create proof of their existence.

Pop doesn't try to run from me like the other two do.

Let it be known Joshua and I were making requests of Laura for drinks, little did I notice until I was editing pics that she had her hand in Mom's wallet... yet complaining that we were asking for stuff ha!

This photo's for Pop, these two couples are always at the Shrine and dance the entire time.

If only I had my dance partner, a cake wasted 4 year old doesn't last long.

My mother and grandfather, we rarely take pictures together... so I had to make a point to take this one.

Happy early 75th birthday Pop!