Five On Friday

January 31, 2014

While I'd happily take a zillion snow days, this week needs to see its end. I swear nothing sends students into a mood like a random day off, it's like pressing reset on Christmas all over again. 

1. Last Saturday after a snow day (sleet day) we escaped the house to search for Jeremy a new pair of running shoes. That was a total bust, but the man randomly took me to La Madeline's for coffee and dessert so it wasn't a total bust. I'm serious when I say my favorite dates for us are over coffee. However the news I got 30 minutes before was highly unexpected and insanely negative, but having a school psych for a hubby isn't bad in these situations. If y'all could pray for my class that would be great, I can't exactly say why, but kids now go through things I never imagined when I was young.

2. Sleet. Tuesday was super sleet day. It was like someone dumped bland Dippin' Dots out of the sky. Two days off work though, always down with that.

3. Ellie wasn't amused with the sleet by Wednesday. The backyard had become a skating rink, but not one you would want to risk falling in due to the fact it's high time to poop scoop back there.

4. I've been ridiculously hungry lately and can't kick it. I've also wanted nothing but hot sauce and this amazing Paleo mug cake.

5. Coffee, I basically need one of those Camel backpacks full of it lately. Not for the caffeine, I prefer decaf, just for the fact that it's mentally soothing for me. I have to drink a cup every morning at my desk in utter silence.

This weekend should be exciting though, our new worship pastor is coming in view of a call.

Something about going in view of a call for a pastor just freaks me out, it's like the ridiculous panel I interviewed in front of at my old school on steroids. I'm praying for the guy and his family for many reasons, but Saturday it will definitely be for the fact you'd have to feel like a fish in a bowl at that point.

It's funny how graduate school and two moves later I could care less (not in a apathetic sense or negative though) about change, where a few years ago I would be freaking out over my mascara going off the market. Funny what forced change will do for a person, or better yet... God teaching lessons and forcing you to let go of a few things.

What do y'all have planned this weekend?