Our Thanksgiving Menu Staples

November 20, 2013

Every year there are a few things we can't help but make, and when I say we I mean my mother and I.

Granted Mom makes the main meats, I'm sure I'll be left in charge of those in years to come. Together though, we serve up all of our favorite sides.

After mentioning a few new additions to Jeremy though I was warned to leave Thanksgiving alone.

I'm allowed to play the day before when we have our Appetizer Night, but I've definitely been informed to keep the recipe inventiveness to non-holiday-meals.

Let's get go ahead and get to the list of Thanksgiving family favorites!

It's a long list, so sit back and get your fingers ready to pin something new...

Paleo Pumpkin Pie

When I make this for holidays I tend to go with a traditional crust, this year I'm going all out with my Paleo crust. It's insanely tasty, and it doesn't hurt that their is no guilt involved with eating this cold out of the fridge the day after.

I admit, I'd had it for breakfast.

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Pumpkin Better Than... Cake

This is by far my favorite guilty dessert, I could sit in a dark closet and eat it until a daytime talk show had to do a segment to air-lift me out of the closet. 

It's easy, tasty, and when I made it for our Pastor's Appreciation Dinner I came home with a nearly empty pan. Everyone that eats it loves it, even the non pumpkin people. 

This is the potato dish my family lives by. 

I fear that if my mother ever made anything else my sister and father would stage a revolt. Last year I merely suggested we make mashed potatoes... they acted like I off and killed the family pet. 

They don't play when it comes to Hashbrown Casserole in our house. 

Of the recipes my mother makes, this is the one I'd had a fit if she ever quit making it. 

We've experimented with it over the years and this is by far how I prefer it to be made. The sweet potato is creamy, and the topping is so divine I've never been able to decide if it's a side of dessert. Like the Pumpkin Pie though, I eat it for breakfast the day after. 

Little known recipe fact, this originated from a recipe she got at the World's Fair in the 1970's. 

Nola Style Black Ham

I'm not a huge ham eater, but when Jeremy told me he needed to bring a ham to work this week I nearly fainted at the thought of eating this pretty little meat dish the week before Thanksgiving.

Then he came back and said he didn't need me to make it.

I may have cried over having to wait another week for my ham.

Oh this ham y'all!

Pickapeppa Sauce is what make it for me, then again Pickapeppa Sauce over cream cheese does it for me too. I'f you've ever eaten at Mother's in New Orleans you will recognize the flavor a bit, it's the same type of recipe. Although I'd die for their recipe! 

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Perfect Yeast Rolls

Yeast rolls with butter and  rosemary, need I say more? 

I actually make this often, and whipped up a batch last night. 

If you're a lemon lover like my mother and I, this is for you. 

I hate to be Southern and admit this, but I just don't like cornbread stuffing. 

My step-mother-in-law makes a delicious cornbread and summer squash stuffing, but that's the only cornbread stuffing you'll ever get in me. 

I'm more for whole wheat bread and sausage with possibly mushrooms. 

Not technically traditional. 

But good. 

So far I've shared every holiday recipe of our's that I've blogged, and it's quite a list.

What are some of your favorite holiday recipes? 

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