Only One Work Day Until The Weekend

November 8, 2013

High Five for Friday.

Five on Friday.

Call it what you want, it's Friday and I couldn't be happier.

So what have we done this week? 

A little, a lot, and not much in between. 

1. Saturday Jeremy played music at the Chili Challenge and it was really pretty outside, so I took Ellie along. She was eating up the fact that everyone wanted to pet her, so much so that when we got home she laid in the kitchen floor sprawled out for an hour before moving. 

2. I'm really thinking staying out all day got to my allergies and made me feel like I was getting a cold. After downing coconut water and sleeping as much as I could after work it passed pretty quick. Thursday I finally get good enough to workout, it was definitely one of those weeks where I am glued to my rolling chair in my room and yawning constantly. The classes I taught and was super energetic for I regretted it immediately. The little bursts of energy were wasted on a few hand gestures. 

3. So the mopping I planned to do Saturday... it was still in the kitchen on Tuesday with no hope of getting done. Oh well, tomorrows another Saturday. 

4. Roasted broccoli. Nuff said. I love roasted veggies. 

5. Oh, and that old woman at the top of the photo? I had to bribe her into her dog bed this week with banana. Spoiled much? This 7 year old dog is just plain wacky, she actually got in bed last night... only to hack and make that crazy noise she creates when her trachea collapses. It's a small dog problem, not a real issue, so don't think I was being neglectful. It's just annoying enough to wake you up when her allergies are bugging her at 5am. 

What did y'all do this week?