Can We Extend This Week... by a week?

November 29, 2013

This week is coming to a close... and I can't exactly say I'm happy about that. 

Oh why can't every week be a work free week? 

1. Jeremy recently changed the windshield wipers on my car, well they didn't snap on that great apparently. I was driving home from the gym, and the next thing I knew one had flipped and nearly flew off the car. It was freezing and raining, sot here was no chance I'd fix it, I just drove home the rest of the way partially blinded by the rain. Good times, good times. Seriously though, I thought it was pretty funny.

2. We chaperoned for our church's youth group on their trip to YEC. Maybe we just have a great group of kids, but it was seriously a blast. Plus we weren't the main people in charge, so that made the trip that much more enjoyable. Jeremy and I toted around a car full of 8th grade girls the whole time and I just had the best time acting as silly as possible with them. I did realize my age though at the end, this girl is not (and I mean NOT) into the current rap music. Christian or secular. It's just too dang loud, plus you can't dance around to it. There was just something fun about the 90's rap, at least most of it.

3. Mom used pecans from Pop's yard this year for Thanksgiving, then again she uses them every year. I couldn't quit laughing that he labeled them "Backyard." My first comment to my sister was, "Where's front yard 2010?" After chatting on IG it appears this is a grandparent thing, and there are many grandmother that swear by their backyard trees.

4. Thanksgiving. Aww Thanksgiving weather. I couldn't be happier than I am with this low 40's weather.

5. Thanksgiving ended with several bad decisions though, it started with the crazies at WalMart and then ended with a riot over boots at Belk. I got the books I wanted, by the skin of my teeth, and it was flat crazy. At least the people in Belk were nice, at WalMart this crazy girl (who I told 15 minutes earlier that this was in fact a moving line) lost her mind on me when we got close to the check out. WalMart is not for the faint of heart, let me assure you of that.

So tell me, did anyone else brave the Black Friday insanity today?