Things That Make Me Say Yeay!

January 20, 2013

Goofy friends bugging me in line at Starbucks. Water was tossed at my I may or may not have tossed an entire opened water bottle back:)
I love grocery shopping with Jeremy, it is something we've done since we started dating. There have only been a handful of times one of us went alone. I stocked up on yogurt, veggies, and fruit; while my man gathered Mac & Cheese and a bundt cake. I now have a game called "Don't eat that stupid cake!" I probably won't win. 
My aunt bought us an espresso maker when we got married and due to counter space in this apartment it hasn't been used as much as it was in Monroe. However, Jeremy was sweet enough to break it out and make me a decaf latte.
SSMT app is up for this year! Who else is memorizing with me?
BBQ date night at Big Mikes, because smoked meat in my love language. 
Parent/teacher conference day, surprisingly not too shabby. It was nice to have a kid free day...and even nicer that tomorrow is a no work day! Whoop whoop:)
Who loves puffy jackets and LaCroix? This girl! Especially in freakishly cold weather (for south Louisiana).