Let them eat cake!

January 11, 2013

I'm a bit late posting today, but I did drive 3 hours to central Louisiana (yes 3 hours...we are that far south these days), celebrate a birthday, and go to the mall...aka the Natchez Wal-Mart. 

Tonight we just did family. Needless to say the flooded roads caused me to miss dinner, but I got cake so all is well. Laura got Joshua's cake from The Bakery Cottage in Vidalia (they did our wedding cakes), she wanted red velvet...let's just say he got a nice warning. Apparently people order this for kids and then complain that their kids are (TMI warning) pooping red for days ha!
 Mom and Dad got him a Fisher Price camera since he has been the theft behind all our ours disappearing...mainly Mom's. To say he loved it is an understatement...in about 45 minutes he had taken 147 photos. He took photos of me. He took photos of the dog. He took photos of the cake. And then he fussed at us for wanting to look at his camera. Oh 3 year olds!
Blowing out candles! 
 For the 2nd time because Mimi didn't have her camera on the right setting, then again there is never a right setting indoors and at night with my camera. 
 And since he is in fact 3 now he went ahead and decided he should do it a 3rd time...why stop at two? 
Don't you just love the photo quality? Way to focus on the slice of cake Nikon ha! Joshua wouldn't eat the icing from the outside, maybe because it was fondant. However I love The Bakery Cottage's fondant. He ate only from the middle of the cake...then fuss at Granddaddy for stealing a bite of fondant. 
About halfway though the cake Dad made the comment that a certain someone was going to be on the sugar high of his life...he was indeed quite cake wasted. He definitely got that glazed over look I've seen on quite a few kids after a good mouthful of icing. Oh little boys. How I love this one, but hope we only have girls. Or maybe I should hope we have children that are agreeable like my sister was as a child. Somehow she gave birth to my mini me, the kid is literally the boy version of me.

Stubborn and right.

At least he thinks he is right.