Things I'm Resolving To Do In 2013

January 2, 2013

New year, new resolutions. Right? 

Nothing I am resolving to do is that out there. Just the regular stuff I already do, have slacked on, and want to do better at. This year, like 2011, is full of uncertainty. We have a general idea about what is going to happen, but nothing is set in stone. I am only in control of so much this year, God is the only one who knows the rest. Poor Jeremy is probably getting sick of me asking the same questions day in and day out, but being a type A planner is tough when it comes to the vagueness that graduate school internships have to offer. 

So based on the here and now, and what I actually do know to be certain, here are my goals for 2013:

-Lose 7.6 pounds total and get back to my pre-Jeremy weight. Overall I'd like to be down 12.6 at the end of the year. Consider that 2ish goals. If the first is met and not the second, it was still met. 
-Walk the dogs daily. Maddie currently weighs 13 and Ellie is 12.8. Miniature dachshunds are supposed to be 11 and under. That whole walking with people and not the dogs this summer and fall really took it's toll on the dogs. 
- 30 minutes of P90X yoga at least 6 times a week. I did this when we were first married and was in great shape. 
- Cook more, eat out less. I feel like we have gotten into an eating out rut after my October goal to cook every meal ended. 
- Ween my skin off of Proactive and move to the Oil Method. I'm already using apple cider vinegar as an astringent. 1st step:)
- Put my foot down more and don't give into food temptation. I use to be a stickler for whole foods and whole wheat. I've slacked off since moving further south. 

-Move to all green homemade cleaning products by the end of the year. I'm not throwing things away, just not buying more. I already make my detergent, mopping solution, and all purpose cleaner.
- Simplify and get rid of things we don't use. 
-Donate clothes to Salvation Army that were not worn in 2012. Turn hangers backwards and turn them back as items are worn, donating unworn items in 2014. 

-Date each other more. Even if that means making dinner at home, so long as it is quality time. 

-Update my resume and resubmit my information on the Teach Louisiana site. I need to be ready to job hunt in case Jeremy gets an internship elsewhere. 
-Keeping working to get the students to where I need them to be at the end of the year.
-Look into Ed. Diagnostician certification or Reading Specialist. If Jeremy gets a well paid internship I will have the chance to go back to school:)

-Memorize 24 verses for the Siesta Scripture Memory Team.
-Read the entire bible.
-Complete Kelly Minter's Nehemiah bible study, and at least two others.
-Do what I can to make youth ministry easier on Jeremy, he has comps this semester and between that and looking for an internship his time is limited. 

-Write daily, or every other day. 
-Blog makeover.
-Offer a few free sponsor spots every month to small business bloggers. 
-Look into getting sponsored to attend a blog conference next year. 

It may seem long, but it is everything I was planning to do this year...whether written down or not. I'll revisit them as time progresses and let you know how it's going:)