Well this looks nothing like the picture...

August 30, 2012

Since we are on a boil water notice and have not had power for several days (at our house in South LA, remember we evacuated) let's look at some recent Pinterest fails.

Because every good thing from Pinterest is met by an equally not so good thing. 

Fail #1 The Poached Egg Trick

How it's supposed to work: 
Prick a hole in the flat end of the egg with a needle. Boil for 20 seconds. Remove and crack into simmering water to continue cooking.

What actually happened:
I really thought I would crack the egg pricking it. Instead I made it to the cracking stage and found half of my whites were stuck to the inside of the shell. So much for that. Mine looked nothing like the picture. I think I'll just stick to my regular poached eggs. 

Fail #2 OMG Chicken

How it's supposed to work:
You spread mayo and bread crumbs over the chicken and bake for 20-30 minutes. 

What actually happened:
It cook through okay, I was afraid it didn't though because it was still so white. My only issue was that is was so so bland. I need more flavor than mayo in my food. 

Fail #3 The Unnamed Chicken

How it's supposed to work:
According to a pinner - You put the chicken in a crockpot with brown sugar, soy sauce, and pineapple. Cook away and enjoy. 

What actually happened:
Towards the end of the cooking process I decided to go on The Undressed Skeleton's blog and look this recipe up. What we had in our crockpot looked nothing like the photo. Turns out she marinated her meat in this concoction and grilled it. Whoever had the bright idea to pin this and give it a new recipe had lost their minds. I ended up having to seperate the meat and liquid so I could reduce the liquid down. I took a lot more brown sugar and soy sauce before it looked even sorta like her picture. It tasted okay, but goodness it was not worth the effort. 

And finally...a few things that worked as well as promised! 

Seriously we had been having issues with sewage backing up in our neighborhood, which had left us with the stinkiest towels ever. This completely cured it! 

It tastes just like the best rotisserie chicken I have ever had! 

Slice off both ends of the orange and make a slight slit between two sections, unravel and your orange is peeled! Takes away so much time wasted standing their peeling off bit by bit.

And this little gem below...it totally makes the prettiest curls ever:)


What is your favorite pin on Pinterest?