Out in the Hills of Tennessee

August 3, 2012

Hey y'all! I hope everyone is having a good week. We are visiting with Jeremy's dad and stepmom way out in the country.

This is the place to come to get tubby, Sandy feeds us well. For breakfast I got my hands on Amish butter and homemade blackberry jam. Winston their weenie dog makes it very clear he'd like you to share, unlike my trick-less pups he will sit-up balanced by his tail until someone gives in.

Yesterday evening everyone decided to shoot guns, I personally have shot one bullet out of one gun in my life. That was enough. The kick back was terrible. So with that said Jeremy and his brother Nathaniel insisted I shoot a gun. Nate showed me how to hold the big thing and I managed to hit the our box target. Next time I'm wearing glasses.

They guys decided it would be funny to see who could shoot money, Nathaniel managed to destroy a dime. I told my MILs daughter Becky of do better throwing the gun at the money instead of shooting it. It's true. I suck at shooting. However I feel like I need a gun to go walking here, like I said we are way out in the Tennessee country.

Well I'll stop jabbering and share some photos, in no particular thanks to iPhone blogging. :)

Jeremy videoed me shooting, if I can figure out how to upload a video I'll post it.

What is your favorite thing to do in the country?