Because Raggedy Is A Legit Meteorology Term

August 27, 2012

We decided to evacuate. They finally cancelled work for me through Wednesday, I am hoping they cancel it for Thursday as well so that we don't have to drive back in the brunt of the storm. We aren't really worried about anything happening except maybe some power outages and flooding. The flooding probably won't get into our house, considering Thibodaux is so much higher than Houma, and Schriever where we technically live is high (in the Louisiana sense) as well. But even with minor road flooding and power outages we would be stuck if we stayed. 

I died laughing yesterday when my sister sent me a text saying people in North Louisiana were freaking out about the storm. I am only a few miles from the end of America and the Cajuns are planning to ride this out like it is any other thunder storm ha! 

Such is life. Y'all stay dry!

At this point I'm sure you've all heard of the hurricane/tropical storm Issac situation. I personally can't help but laugh about it. This time last year our district was making us pack and move to higher ground for Tropical Storm Lee and it did absolutely no damage. We didn't miss school, but everything was covered in plastic. 

Which is why I am laughing so much at this ordeal. You see, they've known this was coming and that is would likely be a Cat 2 by the time it hit the Gulf Coast...and what have they done? Not a dang thing. No email, nothing. I didn't even know we were under a watch until late Thursday and at that time no one that actually lives here had said a single thing. 

My mom on the other hand? She is preparing for a nuclear meltdown in Central LA, while we are acting like it's just another rain cloud only a few miles before the land is no more. 

I live in a parish that is bordered to the south by only the Gulf...the world ends at this point. You better swim. Got me? 

Parishes above us...totally land locked...are having voluntary evacuations and closing school till Wednesday. 

What is Terrebonne doing? Basically throwing a hurricane party. If you are in a low lying area they say that maybe you should come to town. School? Well we are out today, while it is perfect swimming/laying out weather. Have they closed on the days the storm hits? Nope. 

We'll just swim to work. 

That good ole Cajun attitude of riding the storm out, oh it is real. Oh so real. These people don't leave for anything. But I don't blame them, we are expected to get some flooding. Not ideal dachshund weather, but nothing major. 

For your enjoyment allow me to share with you a little snippet from last nights news report straight out of NOLA. This photo makes no sense.
I have no idea what he was talking about, I couldn't stop laughing at the arrows. He was like watching a bad preacher who love to preach hell fire. Basically, he just kept saying "I'm not trying to scare you...but you're gonna die." Hilarious. "As you see the storm is moving this way, but I'm not trying to scare you!" 

I promise y'all the morning reporter is much better. Way less arrows. He just kept calling it raggedy. Because raggedy is a legit meteorology term. 

The hair in this one was killing me. Fox 8 New Orleans needs better stylists. The hurricane wasn't scaring me nearly as much as his hair, maybe he should have apologized for that poor blue hair dye job.

All this to say...
What are we doing today? Oh you know hiding from direct sunlight and having a hurricane party. Which is why at 10am I headed down the street with my coffee cup sans umbrella. Those gale force winds knocked a paper coffee mug straight across the street. It's bad y'all, take cover. You just may get a sunburn!

On a more serious note, here is the latest hurricane tracker, it looks like it has shifted more towards the parish I'm in. As long as we are to the right of the storm we are good to go. A boat captain friends of ours was using the Weather Underground App, I highly suggest it. It seems a lot more accurate than Fox 8's app, and Weather Channel just keeps saying it's raining but fails to mention the hurricane.