June 8, 2012

This weeks Show Us Your Life Home Tour post from Kelly's Korner is Kitchens! 
Again, cell phone photo and bad lighting. That has been an issue in this house, we get almost no natural light in the kitchen/living room.
Full view of the kitchen from the living room.
Microwave corner: I just love my Paula Dean Dot Crazy dishes and server ware. The platter pictured is the yellow dot. You can barely see it but the mini cake stand holding the dish soap is a Pinterest craft my Mom and I did. 
We are going in an odd order, but this is how the photos chose to upload. I had to pull out my chairs and show y'all my table. This is probably my favorite non antique piece in the house, it is a solid pine farmhouse table with a pull out drawer. My parents had it made for us as our wedding present. We got it unfinished and painted it and added the antique glass knob. The only think I've been working on it aging it, I want to do a glaze to make the white look older but don't know what product to use. 
Stove and a few decorations. As much as I can fuss about this apartment I do love that I have room above my cabinets to display my server ware, I absolutely love nice serving pieces and love showing them off. One day I'd like to have enough to have in a pretty open cabinet and above the cabinets.
Sink & my cook book collection. Next to server ware, cooks books are my happy place. I love reading them, almost like novels.
View of my poor table in its normal state. Without adequate room it has been shoved up against the fridge and not completely usable like I like. It has also become the dumping ground for Jeremy's school stuff. I kicked him out of the office area to make it look pretty but it didn't last long. Essentially we need another bookshelf some kinda bad.
Chalk board I made from a old cabinet door, "I love you because..." board, and my beloved kitchen aid mixer. The bowl for it is in my dishwasher:)
Last but not least the reason I don't like the shape of this apartment. It is nice that it is so open, but it doesn't lend itself to how I like things to look. Literally one big rectangle.

Now go off and look at other houses, that's what I'm doing:)