[guest post] Pretty Appliances: Don't Let Appliances be an Eyesore in Your Home

June 27, 2012

Here is another great guest post by Jessica Stark. I want to go out now and change my appliances...too bad they don't belong to me (dang apartment). 

Pretty Appliances: Don’t Let Appliances be an Eyesore in Your Home

When you think of your refrigerator, oven or washing machine, you might picture black or white rectangles that serve a basic purpose. However, new technology and modern designers have found a way to turn mundane household chores into treats. You can take advantage of this winning combination when you install colorful and luxurious appliances in your stylish home.
Kitchen Appliances
You probably spend hours in the kitchen every week. Instead of looking at boring white or stainless steel, choose colored appliances. An orange refrigerator, blue range or pink dishwasher adds a pop of color and retro style. For added luxury, modern refrigerators include door and temperature alarms, a digital readout and a sophisticated insulation system. In addition to keeping your food cold, the appliance adds style to your home d├ęcor.
Like your refrigerator, your range transforms your kitchen work area into an upscale gathering place where your friends will want to hang out. Available in sizes from 20-48 inches, you can choose a range that meets your space requirements. Certain models include four to six burners with griddle options, or you can choose induction cooking that speeds cooking time while the burners remain cool to the touch. With these available options, you can show off your professional chef skills while creating masterpieces on your attractive range.
Along with your range, don’t settle for a single oven that inhibits your ability to cook for a crowd. Install a double wall oven that includes space for traditional and convection cooking. The sleek styles that are available include a variety of settings and options like sensor cooking, easy glide racks, spacious cavities and a self-cleaning feature. These options enhance your kitchen experience and add style and luxury to your cooking chores.
While large appliances add prettiness to your kitchen, smaller appliances also add value to your favorite room. Purchase a toaster in one of 14 colors, and you’ll want to leave this eye-catching appliance on the countertop every day. With your morning toast, drink an amazing cup of coffee from your luxury espresso machine. Replace your outdated and boring coffeemaker with a machine that uses your fingerprints to create a personalized brew. Certain models use a simple touch screen code, and indicate when the water levels are low or clean themselves. With attractive designs and luxurious capabilities, these small appliances work alongside your larger appliances to make a big impact in your luxury kitchen.
Laundry Appliances
Laundry duty quickly grows boring. Spice up your laundry room with a colorful washing machine. Available in red as well as other colors, luxury washing machines include a reversible door, steam wash cycles and sanitizing capabilities. They can even send text alerts when your laundry is finished. Instead of hiding your laundry room, proudly display the machine that keeps your clothes clean and your laundry room stylish.
Cleaning Appliances
Your luxury home needs to stay clean, but you’re tired of struggling with the bulky vacuum that outweighs you. Now, robotic vacuums work with little input from you. Rechargeable, these compact machines sense the size of the room and automatically remove dirt. You can direct it with a remote control to sweep certain portions of your floor or allow it to find its own way. They navigate obstacles, detect stairs and sweep up dirt without the need for ugly and bulky vacuums.
These colorful and luxurious appliances accommodate your style and improve your life. You’ll be impressed with the ease of use, but the eye-catching designs and bright colors will be the traits that ultimately entice you to add these attractive appliances to your home.

Jessica was utterly done with dysfunctional appliances when she laid her eyes upon a front-loading turquoise washer. When she isn’t renovating her home, she is blogging on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands.