Life Well Lived - Looking Your Best

June 9, 2012

This weeks Life Well Lived Looking Your Best question is:

What are your favorite fashion, style and beauty resources?

Before the Internet is what it is today I flipped through magazines to see what the newest looks were. TV is also great for that, hello Bethenny Frankel has my dream style. Love her! 

Another common resource, if you want to call it that, among girls is well...other girls. Blogging has brought me into the searching blogs for great style ideas. Some ladies just have an eye for it, I can put something together but layering isn't something I think of a lot. The blog ladies have given me so many ideas on how and what to layer, it really looks great if you do it right. 

Then again we've all seen that crazy person at WalMart that took layering way to far. 

Pinterest has become a great resource for styling ideas. I've seen pieces put together on there before that I would never think to do and it turns out looking great. Love some Pinterest. 

Last but not least I like to window shop. Mannequins are always (well not always) dressed great. I love browsing stores for new items and even window shopping online. The way trends have be circling I may have a similar piece that is "in" this season and not even know it. And trust me, it is very handy when pieces don't go out quick for this girl. With the hubs in grad school my clothing budget immediately went to a big fat ZERO. Thrifting is great too, who an argue with a never worn $5 shirt? 

Now enough chatter, let's look at some links to sites I love for fashion and styling ideas. 
Blogs (none of these are fashion blog, I just like the way these ladies dress):
Blue-eyed Bride
Kelly's Korner
The Pioneer Woman
The Little Things We Do
The Francis Family
In This Wonderful Life
Life as a California Wife
The Pleated Poppy

In Style


Oh and how can I forget...I love watching Fashion Police. Great style advice, except for red carpet because really when do I wear that stuff?

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