Show Us Your Life: Home Tour: Living Rooms

June 5, 2012

I am super late linking up, but it was a busy that is kind of an excuse. But anyway, Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting another tour of homes for Show Us Your Life this summer. Friday's link up was living here goes. I'll appologize in advance for the iPhone pics, the camera was still in my suitcase. 

For starters, you probably know but we moved into a much smaller space when we came to south Louisiana. It has been interesting putting things from a decent sized 3 bedroom house with a storage shed to a tiny 3 bedroom apartment. Why 2 people need 3 bedrooms? Well Guest room...and we have that much stuff that I'd hate to get rid of and then replace when we move into a house again. 

Here is view of the living room from the kitchen. One big rectangle...sort of hurts my decorating feelings. 

View of the wall the couch is on...everything on this was use to be on several other walls. But where else was I going to put it? Things are slowly making their way out of the back room we use for storage. Jeremy got the painting hanging to the left from Africa when he was on a mission trip when we first started dating.
Wedding photos above the house. I want to just have a photo wall like we had before, but this wall looks so pitiful with just the photos. 
Side table to the left of the couch. 
Other side of the couch. This space has long been empty except for the lamp. It seemed like wasted space because of the shape of the room. I recently got sick of all my pics being in boxes and pulled them out and put them on my little shelf from my town house. I think the clock battery is dead...someone remind me to buy a battery. With the serious heat in South Louisiana we thought insulated curtains were the way to go...they help a lot! Oh there is also a pillow the dogs claimed down there where you can't see it. 
View across from the couch. The iron thing is centered...everything else is questionable. However the lack of another bookshelf [that is seriously needed for all our books] makes this look even more off. And this pic is even off centered...Blogger is being mean.

Close up of the book shlef. I really like white. My whole mantle was in white at all my other apartments/one house. To the right is a better pic of the have to have good light to see it in a picture. It is a little Pinterest inspired puff paint deal of Isiah 40:31. I used this verse because it is a tattoo Jeremy has. If you click to enlarge you may be able to see it better.
Foyer table with wedding guest "book". We had people sign around the photo. This once long ago was in the foyer area at our old it is kind of in between the kitchen and everything else. So I included it in this post. 

Close up of the table top decorations. Did I say I like white? I might have developed this problem watching The Beatles video that is all white with a white piano...might be Imagine. I know it makes an appearance in Free as a Bird
Close up of my little clay bowl I made in art class in grad school. Elementary Art was the best class ever!
Hope I gave someone an idea for something, I am about to go browse all the other blogs for ideas. This post probably should have been named "Show Us the Apartment that is Shaped Funny and Hard to Decorate." 

Suggestions highly welcomed:)