[guest post]Things to make your wedding more elegant

June 22, 2012

guest post by Abby Bramski

A little creativity and imagination can help you stay within your budget and help you achieve the elegant wedding of your dreams. The first step is to find elegant wedding invitations at an affordable price. While you’re researching invitations, check sale sections and styles that may be discontinued from the previous year. When choosing your invitations, keep the time of your wedding in mind. Select simple but elegant wedding invitations with a fancy font for an afternoon wedding. Sometimes less is more, especially for an elegant day wedding. If you are having an evening wedding, then a more embellished invitation may be an option. Invitations in cream with gold or rich colored accents like deep purple or burgundy would be great color choices for your wedding invitations.

Selecting wedding invitations that match your wedding colors is a subtle way to add elegance and class to your wedding. If you have chosen wedding invitations in a simple style, then you can embellish them to match your wedding centerpieces and décor. When choosing the satin ribbon for your arrangements and decorations, purchase extra yards or rolls that can be later used to decorate your invitations. Wrap a piece of your leftover satin ribbon around the center of each invitation, tying ends together into a bow. Adding this ribbon detail to your elegant wedding invitations will give them a regal look.

Wedding centerpieces with candles are the perfect décor choice for an elegant wedding. You could also wrap a string of battery operated lights throughout your centerpieces to give a romantic feel and look to the place where you will be having your wedding reception. If you want to add a charming one-of-a-kind detail to each centerpiece, frame a few of your elegant wedding invitations to later be placed in the center of each centerpiece. You can also place the framed invitations at the center of your tables or throughout areas of your wedding reception. Another way to add a little elegance is to wrap tulle around the entryways of your reception area. Attach a large satin bow at the top and sides of your tulle piece. Place bunches of baby's breath throughout your tulle piece using florist wire. Wrap a white string of clear lights around the piece of tulle for added romance. This is an elegant budget-friendly look that will impress your guests as they enter the reception area.

Take some wallet sized photos of the both of you and glue them to the front of your elegant wedding invitations. Fill decorative cellophane bags with pretty wrapped candies. Attach a bag of candies to each one of the leftover elegant wedding invitations with a piece of satin ribbon. These decorated invitations can be your favors for the wedding tables. For added romance, sprinkle rose petals around each wedding invitation and centerpiece. Contact your local florist to inquire if they have fading roses. You can purchase the older flowers for next to nothing. This will help to keep you on budget without sacrificing the elegance of your wedding. Using your invitations for a multitude of purposes is a great way to stay on budget, while serving as a unique and lovely way to decorate your elegant wedding.