no more teacher's dirty looks

May 24, 2012

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Summer break has officially started, I got cut from summer school this year! 

Positive: Longer summer
Negative: No summer school pay
Positive: No alarm clock, makeup, or khakis. 
Negative: No other negatives exist. 

That cartoon is so true, I am absolutely over learning. We have been beat senseless with Common Core and at this point I know less than when I started. I think my brain is shrinking. 

The only downside to summer is A) more Common Core trainings B) Ethics training C) SmartBoard Cohort

Which if I am understanding C well it seems as though I have a 2 day training that will in turn have me training other people.

 Let the panic attacks begin!

I hate speaking to my peers, I prefer a room of kids any day of the week over peers. Plus it doesn't help that I have the memory of a goldfish and can barely retain Jeremy's school schedule. Oh yes, let's put the clueless one in charge of she won't play with her phone and daydream now. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. 

But until then...

And yes I am willing to admit I sang this all day the last student day.