Looks or personality - What matters in the long haul

May 26, 2012

Talking to some single girls the other day about cute guys had me thinking back to when Jeremy an I began dating. Initially the conversation was about The Bachelor and what make body types we prefer. I was initially discredited due to the fact that I'm married, but hey I'm married not dead!

I left the conversation realizing that y "type" is not at all my husband. I've always said I like a certain type of look in a man. I dated a lot of guys on that thought...and did I marry any of them? Nope.

I married for an entirely different reason, who he was as a person. I've heard my Mom say for years that personality is what attracted her to my dad and in the end that is what mattered most. They had fun together.

Initially when I began dating Jeremy I described him as the goofy tall guy. He really is a goofy tall guy when you get to know him. Looks wise I was not at all focused on it. I barely saw it. Instead I knew I enjoyed being with him and I liked his values.

Eventually it grew to love. I was different in this relationship than I was in others. I attribute it to the trust factor, I feel the crazy clinger need to monitor his every move. Don't act like I'm alone on this, we've all dated that guy. The one who needs constant supervision.

Point being, as time went on, even after marriage, I grew more attracted to him and loved him more. The lusty honeymoon phase wore away quick and I was left knowing just what I had signed up for. At times I want to kill him, and I'm sure he'd take a hit out on me too. But at the end of the day I'm more attracted to him than any other man, and I love pushing his buttons more than anyone else's.

But that's what marriage is right? A mutual harassment agreement until the day you die.

We may not be the most lovey couple in public, but I've loved being married to my tall goofy husband for 3 years now. And I can't imagine getting this much enjoyment out of harassing anyone else.

Happy Anniversary J. Hopefully you actually read this post and didn't shrug it off as another random rant. I'd never know though cause you sure don't comment:)