When Sick Kids Attack (the 3rd edition)

March 7, 2012

Something about being a teacher means I must be infected with whatever gunk is going around. I seriously never get sick, never.

I am starting to see a pattern though. My first year of teaching I didn't get sick, but the pig virus or whatever swine flu was trotting around and knocking out kids left and right. At that point I went from thinking GermX users were whack to dousing it on every child within arms reach. I calmed down a bit until the great cold pandemic of 2011 hit my classroom and children everywhere were dropping like flies.

This whole year though, has been one sick roller coaster ride from hell. Kids are sick constantly with something. At one point nearly all of pre-K was wiped out with the stomach bug. I luckily missed it. Kids puked left and right, I dodged it. 

But 2012 has another plan up it's sleeve. 

In January I had horrible sinus pressure.
Which then evolved into drainage in February causing me to cough constantly.
None of this made teaching easy.
Now March, March is the death of me, I have what appear to be cold symptoms.

But I don't get sick, so we are calling this allergies. 

I just don't understand how someone who had perfect attendance in school for years becomes a teacher and is nearly killed yearly by kids! It is like they are taking a health hit out on me with the mob. 

There is just no reason why someone who chomps as many vitamins and eats greens (seriously spinach every morning in my smoothie) every meal should be this sick. 

Yet another thing to prove that children are germ carrying sponges. Don't get me wrong I love a lot of children, but they get carry disease. 

At least I have a lot of cute sponges this year to keep me laughing while we are all sick. Because to be honest, even when I am having a total off day and feel like junk (like I do now) someone says something funny and makes me, and everyone else, laugh. I am in now way saying this to be mean to kids so don't take it that way, it is just me making light of the fact that I feel horrible and have for 2 solid months.