[7 questions]

March 10, 2012

I saw this cute link up game at Gentri Lee and thought it would be fun to play along. The catch is that you have to put up a funny pic of yourself (since people have a tendency to be serious and not do that sort of thing) before answering the questions. Here goes.

Let's start with one of my usual faces, in case you don't know I am sort of known for making faces...all the time. Wedding outtakes were probably easy to come by for our wedding photographer ha!

[photo credit: Jennifer Lizenby]
1. If you could only eat savory or sweet things for the rest of your life, which would you choose- and why?
I want to say sweet so badly because I am such a sugar addict, but I know I would get burned out quicker. So against what my tummy is telling me I am going to go with savory. I can't forsake the hot sauce. I could probably live on hot sauce alone ha!

2. Would you rather live in the ocean (underwater), in the sky (on a cloud), or in space?
I have always had an unhealthy fear of space, as in the world ends and we have to travel to another planet to live fear. I know it is irrational, but these are the things that go on in my head-it's busy in here sometimes. I like the ocean, but my fear of fish, i.e. sharks(thank you Shark Week), is to great to live there. I guess I'll have to pick clouds, but I am not the biggest fan of heights either, guess I'm screwed. 

3. Desert, Mountains, Plains, or Tropics?
Mountains. I am 100% sure the husband would even agree with that. Yet another thing we would like to do together that we have done separate-skiing. 

4. Would you rather live with chronic pain or the worst pain you can imagine for 24 hours?
After reading Gentri's answer I am finding out appendicitis is the worst pain next to childbirth, and I have done the whole appendectomy spill. I'm going to say 24 hours, I am too whiney to last longer than that. 

5. If you had to repeat one of these again, which would it be? Preschool, Elementary, Jr High/ Middle School, High School, College.
High School, I had a blast for the most part, but I would like to go back and show a few jerks what I am made of. I really should have stood up to the "mean girls" better back then. 

6. Tribal, Floral, Stripes, or Polka Dots?
I am not a tribal girl so that is out. I do like dots and stripes...especially vertical stripes on my button down shirts...I am going to say stripes. 

7. Are you right handed or left handed? 
Right, you could cut off the left and my body wouldn't know the difference. Seriously, it is only good for typing.