Guest Post [ Wear a Wonderful Wedding Dress in Various Ways]

March 29, 2012

Wear a wonderful wedding dress in various ways

Marriage is considered to be an important day in any body’s life. You start a new chapter in life with your partner. The most important and unique thing in your marriage is your wedding dress which is selected by lots of pain and hard work. So, once the wedding is over what does any average bride do about this wedding dress? Generally people send them to any laundry get it cleaned by the professional and keep them inside a secured box for posterity. You often wonder as to how some of the finest and expensive dress laying inside your wardrobe remain untouched and unused. You often feel sad for not wearing or using it in anyway. However, now you don’t have to lose your heart since you will find in this article a number of ways of using it in various ways. Here’s how:
1. Cut your dress short and wear it again
This idea will work depending upon the kind of dress you have. If you have the scope of cutting it short and embarking with some creative design well and good. Just try it. You can surely design something incredible which can be worn in any party or any get together. For this you need to think out of the box and try something different as per the dress style. You can find a number of do it yourself (DIY) websites which gives you creative ideas of making effective use of your wedding dress by cutting it short and coming with a new one. For instance you can transform your gown of floor length into a three quarter or a knee length or cut to an extent of mini.
2. Consider using like lingerie
Sounds odd, but still possible to convert your wedding dress into colorful and mind blowing lingerie. There are many types of wedding dresses especially the ones which come with the considerations of body consciousness like the Carolyn Bessette Kennedy gown which appear like lingerie. Such dresses can be easily converted into your lingerie with the help of a couple of tweaks. These can be a perfect choice for your special nights and even therefore would be helpful for love making things with your partner.
3. Wear it with a different dye
You may find it awkward wearing your white gown which you had in your wedding at any special occasion of your friend. And you even may find yourself into trouble of appearing like a bride at any your friend’s wedding; hence the best way is to change the color. Try dyeing with darker shades and you will certainly embark with a new kind of dress which you don’t mind wearing any moment or occasion.
4. Transform it into halloween
There are many Halloween costumes which are based on various kinds of wedding dresses. You can therefore think of converting your dress into this option. So it can be called as a good idea to try with many possibilities and styles.
So with these ideas on the board you can certainly reuse your wedding dress the best. Now, you do not have to worry about seeing your dress being kept inside any protective box or saving it for your next generation. By playing with the above said ideas, you can change the fate of your wedding dress for sure.
About the author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of watches. She recently bought a watch from Skagen Watches latest collection. These days she is busy in witting an article on Simple Wedding Dresses.