{2012 New Year's Resolution}

December 29, 2011

I decided today to flip back through my failed attempt at Project 365 that only lasted until we moved. Something about moving down south, and moving back in with my husband, ruined my ability to eat healthy all the time. I also noticed I gave up dressing even slightly cute. There just doesn't seem to be the same amount of care put into how people look down there. Heck, I have barely seen people using fancy plates for food. It is almost like I have moved to another country. A really bizarre lazy country. So below I have compiled a list of things I will work on this year, starting the minute I am back down in bayou country. 

{12 Resolutions for 2012}
1. Walk the dogs every, run, or do some sort of outdoor physical activity. I have got to get in workout mode again, 26 is creeping up quick. 

2. Eat less meat. I went meat free for nearly 5 months. I need to work more veggies and white meat into my diet and cut the processed foods way way out.

3. Make an effort to dress nice for work everyday. Wear more makeup. Care what I look like. And last but not least use the ironing board everyday without fear of the mice that have been brought in doors due to the sugar cane harvesting. {I am about to buy a gun and start shooting them, we have tried everything!} The school I am at now lets the teachers dress a bit more casual than I did in North LA. I need to care what I look like, because when I do I feel better about myself. 

4. Read at least one new book a month. 

5. Blog more. 

6. Spend more quality time with the husband that does not include both of us side by side watching TV with the computer and an iPad in front of us. We need to eat dinner together at the table. It has been easy to act lazy since he does not get out of class until after 8pm several nights a week. We also try to start a devotional time together that never makes it past a day or so due to our schedule, that needs to change. 

7. Be more proactive in making friends. I am the type who can easily come home after work and do what I need to do, cook dinner, and go to bed without ever contacting anyone from the outside world. I need to put time aside to have friends over for dinner and hang out like we did more of in Monroe. I know for sure I will sink quick if I don't find a good friend {not an acquaintance} soon.  

8. Put up laundry when it is done and don't let my lack of energy keep me from doing it. Because the good Lord knows how much I hate hanging up clothes. I am also going to do what I saw another blogger mention where I put my hangers on backwards and as I wear things turn them around. Whatever is left after a certain amount of time will be donated. 

9. Get more involved in church. Jeremy has always been really good at this, as soon as he found a church he got plugged in and is now the youth pastor. I admire his ability to sacrifice time, it is something I struggle with. I was involved with the women's bible study, but the time issue let that crumble for the whole crowd. I need to give up more of "my" time, and get over losing it. 

10. Give the pups more attention and teach them a new trick. Poor Ellie has been pushed to #2 since I got married. I definitely need to spend more quality time training the pups, especially Maddie. Since we moved Maddie's ability to go outside has slacked. Without a doggie door she won't ask to go out, she just goes. Yuck!

11. Try new recipes and ingredients!

12. Make a photo book of our Italy trip.