[year in review: 2011]

December 31, 2011

2011 was quite an odd year for our little household. Here is a look back at what we did:

 Joshua turned 1!
 We missed a lot of school due to the freezing/snowing weather.
 Packing began as soon as the new year began. Jeremy was accepted into NSU for the School Psychology program so we packed up most of the house and I moved my little double antique bed into our room. We had two roommates move in to help with rent. They are nice guys, but after living alone for so long before getting married I am not suited for roommates.
We moved Jeremy into the most run down dorm room ever. Since I couldn't move with him until the summer it was easier to put him on campus. Poor Jeremy.
 I missed more work due to the weather. 
 And held down the fort in my bedroom. I seriously lived in one room for 5 months. 
 I began my last semester of graduate school...which also happend to be my last semester teaching in Morehouse plus the end of my internship with Teach Dealta. 
 We celebrated Pop's birthday with a Caramel Cake gone bad. Well, it was still good, but before the icing was spread it turned into a rock ha! 
I don't have a pic from Jan., but I started trying to memorize 2 new verses every month as part of the Siesta Scripture Memory Team on Beth Moore's blog.
 I entered my 2nd month of eating as little meat as possible. I only broke the meat-free man-free rule when in town with Jeremy. 
 I turned 25 on the 25th and was very surprised by my present. I new I was getting a new Vera Bradley purse, but had no clue Jeremy had bought an iPad for me. People rarely surprise me with gifts, and it seems Jeremy has set out to break that rule...against my wishes:)

I went to visit Jeremy in Thibodaux during my Spring Break with the intent to find a job.
 Lucky for me I got an interview! I was told I wouldn't get a job easily here, so that was a big deal. 
 I completely packed up to go to Thibodaux for my interview only to have my current principal decline to let me take a personal day. She said a lot of nasty stuff on top of that too. Ugh. So I came home and unpacked. Sadly. 
 I assume guilt set in with someone because I was able to leave after Leap testing that day to drive 11 hours total for an interview. It sucked massively. I didn't get home until almost 1am and had to work the next day. But I ended up getting the job!
The Mississippi River flooded much more than usual. It even made national news. However, it didn't crest until May...and everything in that picture above was under some serious river water. 


 I graduated with a Master's of Arts in Teaching. And with KDP honors might I add, I never had honors in undergrad or high school. Lazy much ha!
 I convinced Jeremy to let me toss out couch and we moved to south Louisiana on our 2 year wedding anniversary. 

 We met RJ and J Paul from Swamp People haha!
 & we took little dude to the aquarium in New Orleans. I also managed to talk Jeremy into going to Italy and applied for a new passport:)

Some nut case ran into the back of my car at a red light in Tennessee. It was totalled and forced us to buy new cars {Jeremy's lemon was already in the works of being replaced}. That was totally not in the game plan.
We did a lot of wandering in the country while at James and Sandy's in TN. 
 Mom, Laura, Joshua, and I visited my cousin's new baby. Josh was not a fan of his Mom holding a baby haha!

I started a new job teaching 4th graders and Jeremy began his 2nd semester in the SP program. It was a huge adjustment. 
Mom, Laura, and I went to a Beth Moore Simulcast together. Mom and I had been before, but this was the first time to take Laura with us. 
 Jeremy and I ran in the Jazz Half/5k Marathon. J finished in the time frame he wanted to and I surprised myself with my time finishing dead center of the women's group. I was convinced I would be dead last. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and Jeremy studied for finals a lot. Heck he studied a lot the whole semester. 
Jeremy ran his first full Marathon in Baton Rouge. 
The dogs boycotted Christmas pictures this year.
 And we went to Italy. This was neither of our first time to travel overseas, but it was our first time to go together. 

Not a single thing this year went as planned or expected, but it ended on a great note. Well almost ended, we still have a few hours.