{what I wore wednesday}

April 27, 2011

PTL for the power coming back on! We have had some crummy weather that forced me to go to work for early duty only to stand outside and tell parents to go home because we were not having school. But yay for an off day! Since I am so behind on my OOTW this is going to be a catch up post of the outfits I actually took a pic of in the last two weeks.

Now for WIWW. Join in at thepleatedpoppy.com
Interview wear
 top- Kohl's
Grey pants- Old Navy
Black Mary Jane Pumps- Target

My new favorite dress:)
 Eyelet dress- Old Navy
Brown wedges- Gap

Is it spring or summer? My classroom is freezing.
 white sweater- Target
leather belt- Target
brown pants- Old Navy
brown mary jane pumps- Target
Ruffle top- Old Navy
Here is another view of the top, excuse my hot mess outside duty hair.
 Playing with baby cakes:)
 linen shorts- Old Navy
ULM spring fever shirt
Jean Jacket-Old Navy

bad hair, no makeup-just another day at work
 top- Belk
Khaki crop pants- Target

Why yes my hair was straight before outside duty, you should have see it after.
 What, is it foggy now in the teacher bathroom? I SO want a Cannon Rebel. HINT HINT HINT. {cough} Jeremy.
The jean jacket I will probably be burried in- Old Navy
yellow v-neck shirt-who knows?
cargo pants- Target
Why hasn't Target sponsored me yet? I wear an unhealthy amount of Target and Old Navy. I should seriously be introduced to new stores haha!

I love some new shrits. But I hate some short noncompliant hair.
top- Old Navy
Khakies- Gap
not pictured-gold ruffle sandals-Target

Does anyone else have an unhealthy obsession at shopping at Target?