Saturday 7-just a hodge podge and a question

April 9, 2011

 First a little update since I have been blog MIA this week.

I am not going to lie, this was a tough week. The kind where you call your husband sobbing and you've probably worried the poor thing half to death. But the past few months have been though. And they will only get tougher, until I find a job and am comfortable with settling down in South LA. We found an apartment, with all tile PTL! It cost more than I'd like to pay, but apparently everything is more expensive down there. The new place even has a little-almost-fenced-in backyard, all we need to do is figure some way to block the entrance and we can just kick the pups out when they need to go potty! Whoo hoo for easy, these girls are accustomed to a doggie door. I have an interview Monday-which is 5 1/2 hours away from where I am now. Major kinks were thrown my way to try and prevent me from going (as you may have seen on Twitter-which included being told that there was no point in me going because I wouldn't get the job anyway, and yes I emailed a higher up about that.) but I am going anyway....just going to cut it real close on time. Yuck. And have to drive back the same day because I can't get off work. That is 11 hours of driving! Yikes! So y'all say a little prayer for me Monday, for the driving and for the interview. I need this job just like Jeremy is going to need to eat this summer when I get there. Poor boy can't be in graduate school and starving because he wife can't find a job.

Now for what this post was about to begin with:
7 things that make me happy
{since this week has sucked a big one}

1. Several weeks ago I found some Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Bar at Sallys. It has been a absolute miracle soap. My skin tends to not heal fast, if I get a cut it hangs around for ages. Now this one one is TMI, but sometimes my back breaks out from my conditioner. Tree Tea Oil is supposed to help skin heal faster, and this soap has shown that to be very true. It has done amazing things for my skin, and I actually need to go buy more today. Here is a link to it. I get the GVP brand from Sally's, it is supposed to be compared to the Paul Mitchell Tree Tea Cleansing Bar.

2. I absolute love Canine Carry Outs. Needless to say the girls love them too. They are a soft dog treat...that will convince my two to actively participate in tricks or bribe them out from under a bed. The thing I like most about them is that they are soft. I can break them into several pieces and get the dogs to do several tricks using just one. This is great for two little piglet dachshunds who don't need treats anyway. These aren't the healthiest or fanciest of dog treats, but for someone on a budget who doesn't want to just hand their dog a huge snack it works. 

3. I reacently found Garnier Skin Renew anti-sun damage moisturizer when I was hunting for face lotion at Rite Aid. I just love it! I use to worship the tanning beds and it was starting to show after the wedding in 2009. Immediately after the wedding I started noticing how dry my skin was and how it was beginning to prematurely wrinkle. Crows feet! Yuck. I have always used moisturizer on my face, but that is when I started using the anti-aging stuff. I really like what Garnier has done for my skin, and I really like that this particular moisturizer is supposed to reverse the effects of sun damage. It also doesn't hurt that it is SPF 28

4. I'll go ahead and throw this in, DVR. Yes, I argued that it was a waste of money when we got it, but now I am addicted to it. I like that I no longer have to pay attention to what time a show comes on, I have DVRed my life away.

5. I eat greek yogurt like it is going off the market soon. I especially love Fage with honey. But considering the price recently jumped up...I am now consuming Dannon. All this inflation is killing my cheap self!

6. iPad 2. Hands down best birthday present ever.

7. Okay I am using #7 in search of help! I need something to wear to my interview and have no idea what to wear. I though about one outfit, but I don't want to drive 5 1/2 hrs in it. I looked at these skinny trousers in grey or black, I don't have any black trousers. I also have this top from Target, but don't know if it is appropriate, however I think it looks dressy on. I would hate to drive in a button down and wrinkle  it up, or risks someone seeing me change into it in the parking lot. So I need your help big time ladies, give me interview outfit suggestions!