April 12, 2011

Well the search never ends. But this still contains good news. The principal I interviewed with yesterday called me tonight, she said I didn't get the job but they had a hard time deciding between me and someone else(out of 11). She also asked if she could hold onto my number, and that she would call if someone quit...because you just never know what will happen over the summer. She also said the interview team was really impressed with me.

So this is bitter sweet. My name could get around to another principal in the area, good. I didn't get the job, bitter. But I could get another position there, good.

I really feel like the person they hired probably had math teaching experience, that is the only subject I haven't taught yet. This falls under the category of God won't give me more than I can handle. I am not a Math person, I could teach it, but I wouldn't enjoy it.

This one only the first interview, and it is still April. Something else will come up.