{when all else fails use bullets points}

September 16, 2010

  • This has been a long darn week. I can't wait for May. I was all excited about December, but I may not survive that far.
  • Official Fall begins is 6 days, big Whoo Hoo!
  • I know I have homework but I can't, for the life of me, actually get the motivation up to do it. 
  • The furbabies were, as Laura put it, "surprised adopted" Wednesday after the lovely not-so-handy men showed back up to bring the outside hell hole to the inside. We got home from work to find a nice hole in our kitchen...and the dishwasher by the kitchen table. We received no warning about this disaster. They are refusing to give us an end date too. So until something is figured out my parents are dog sitting.

{the hole in the kitchen...lovely}
  • Apparently people aren't supposed to work and should take off for an undetermined amount of time to keep their dogs out of the way when people show up unexpectedly after a month of not showing up to fix the plumbing mess. Or just lock them in the bathroom, as the lady suggested. Sorry but we leave at 6:20am everyday and don't get home until 5pm, there is no way I am locking my dogs in the bathroom for that long. 
  • After work tomorrow I am heading to Vidalia for the Beth Moore Simulcast at First Baptist Natchez on Saturday.  I am super excited, except for the fact I have to come back right after because we have a Life Group Leader dinner on Sunday. 
  • We started the Deeper Still study this week and I am just loving it, I am enjoying this bible study so much I am tempted to work ahead but am refraining;) 
  • Heart to Home starts next week and I am really excited about that too. It is just great that there is something for young married women to be involved in that you don't have to have kids as a requirement to attend. I love the idea of MOPS but I'm not going to hit the PreK kid requirement for a few years...and don't want to either after what I saw today at school. Has anyone participated in this before?
  • A kid puked right in front of me today, which sent me into total freak out mode. At the same time someone from the school board walked in as well as my assistant principal. Did anyone stop to help the kid, nope. What did I do...run the other way. 
  • I had a dream that I had twins, a boy and a girl. They weren't named and Jeremy was not my husband in the dream. Actually I wasn't married in the dream. It was so realistic though that when I woke up I was surprised to see him. Mainly because the whole dream was in my bed with me, my Mom, my dream boyfriend, and his great grandmother...all in my bed with two babies that we never named. Oddly we discussed how we should make our relationship legit because having this unnamed twins made us realize we liked each other. Can you say odd?
How's y'all's week going? Or ending...since tomorrow is Friday!