{the weekend}

September 26, 2010

Friday- We went to Strauss Theater and watched their production of "Curtains". I was really good, raunchy, but good. I could have done without the large amount of raunchy the play offered.

Saturday- I could no longer take the nearly 2 weeks without furbabies. So after waking up at 5:22am for no apparent reason I decided to call my Dad and have him meet me at our halfway point with my furkiddos. After that much time getting into everything their grandparents offered them it was time for a bath. Usually Maddie is the nut when it come to bath time but they swapped roles. Maddie however, is strange. After washing her off I went to take her out of the tub and noticed she still had soap on her and said "Oops Moopy, we're not done rinsing!" Then she did something really odd. She moaned, not a growl, or a whine...but a very clear "are you serious woman?" moan. 
Ellie was just ticked off that she was blow-dried, but I thought she was a cute little munchkin. 

Then I made a Target run and nearly had a fit over these:
 An adult size hot dog costume!
 And a doggie size one! We could be a family of Weenies!!! {Jeremy vetoed that one btw}
As much as Maddie and Ellie attempt to chase squirrels I think they should be one;)

I also chose to be a nice dog momma and buy the girls new collars and a bone each. Who would have known the chaos that would ensue. I got home, unwrapped them, and handed them off. Then the girls took off in different corners with their bones, then took off into the other dogs corner and stole a bone. Ellie hid her behind a guitar and Maddie left her in the dog bed. Which is why at 11pm we were woke up to the sound of two daschunds growling at each other in the dog bed once the bone was rediscovered. Go figure. 
 She stayed this way for awhile.
I also wen to Sam's and grabbed a few steaks. I have been dying to have steak, baked potatoes, and onion strings for dinner. I should have taken the pic before I butchered the steak with my knife.
Onion String:

1 Sweet/Vidalia Onion
3/4 c masa harina
1/4 c self rising flour
red pepper
vegetable oil

Soak thinly sliced onions in milk for 5 mins. Mix all dry ingredients together in a Ziplock bag. Begin heating oil in skillet. Drain onions and toss in bag of dry ingredients. Shake off extra flour and place in oil. Fry until golden brown. 
Sunday- Somehow we woke up crazy early again so we went to the 8am service at church, went to Life Group, then headed home to start school work yet again. The bone drama has yet to end though.

Maddie wanted to take a nap with us while Jer did homework and I caught on my bible study homework. She brought the bone with her of course. She also slept so that she could keep an eye on it. Paranoid much? 

Oh and ignore the grungy pillow. It is my "knee pillow". I have this thing about my knees touching while I sleep. It started with a travel pillow while I was in England years ago and have turned into a full size pillow. Bad habit. You can also see the pink corner of my other bad habit.