{unhealthy fear}

September 29, 2010

I am utterly convinced the lizards on the front of our house are waging a full on attack against me. The other night when I came home from bible study not only were there at least 10 {that I counted} of them, but as soon as I got to the door they ran towards the door! I then called Jeremy, who thought I was being ridiculous and told me to come inside...well I came in, but not through the front door. I stumbled through the mess that is our back yard and came through the darkness of no lizards. 

Then the next week after bible study, same thing. Except J pulled into the driveway shortly after me and I thought he would be a gentlemen and let me in the house. Not exactly how it played out. Ya see, there was a lizard on the inside door...not just on the walls and screen door. I immediately freaked when he tried to open it for fear of the sucker getting in the house. Did he try to calm me, did he try to get ride of the lizard? No. He told me to quite acting crazy in the front yard because people could see me. 

Which brings us to yesterday morning. On my way running (literally) out of the door to try to escape certain death by lizard I suddenly got snagged and couldn't run. My purse had gotten caught on the screen door handle. OH MY WORD! I fumbled around quickly and got loose, but I am convinced they are setting up traps for me now. 

This has been a life long battle between me and the lizard population of Louisiana. Needless to say 75% of the population now resides on the front of my house. I will win it too if I have to get a pellet gun and snipe the little monsters off my house. 

All this lizard warring makes me think of that Bravehart quote "They can take my land, but they can't take my freedom." 

Why doesn't someone make lizard repellant?!?