{problem solving saturday}

September 11, 2010

I don't know about y'all but as soon as school gets back in full swing my skin immediately dries up like a old rag. It is starting to make me think there are only two skin seasons, In School and Not In School. While not in school I can wear lighter moisturizers, and I tend to get off of my crazy "in school" daily face routine. I don't have to put lotion on my feet, and my legs don't burn like crazy after I shave.

Lately I have started noticing my face is completely lined when I wake up in the morning and my feet look like I have been wandering around shoeless....so it is once again time to break out the heavy duty stuff. Yesterday I had to run to the dollar store to pick up something and noticed my Mom's favorite moisturizer in a travel size bin.

I can't use Nivea year round because it makes my skin greasy during the Not In School season, but slathering this all over my face at night before bed during School Season allows me to wake up feeling like I have skin and not burlap attached to my face. If you have a dry spot anywhere on or near you this will end it immediately. It is amazing what standing on your feet all day and outside duty will do to your skin. 

What are your dry skin solutions?