Fill in the blank Friday .

September 3, 2010
1.  If I didn't have to work anymore I would       watch reruns of Sex and the City/be a couch potato, cook fabulous things, do volunteer work, work out more, and walk the dogs .

2.  My favorite thing about a vacation is      having absolutely nothing to do, no school work is sheer happiness .

3.  When packing for a trip I       always forget underwear or something else important  .

4.  If I could go on a road trip with anyone (dead OR alive) I would choose       Sara Jessica Parker  because,        I just love her, she just seems like a cool person .

5.  My top 3 absolute travel essentials are     1) pony tail holders because I can't stand my hair to be down when I sleep, 2) magizines, and 3)beef jerky .

6.  Vacations are       the reason why I chose teaching, only job you get 2 months off on  .

7.  On vacation you must always       only eat at local places, I can't stand going out of town and eating at a Chili's     .