{no makeup spring break}

March 12, 2010

Yay for Spring Break!

Nay for research paper.

And a really big yay for the Vidalia Vikings going to the Cajun Dome tonight for the State Championship game!

Tomorrow is "no makeup Saturday" and I have big plans. I am heading to ole Vi-Lou to meet up with my Mom then drive to Baton Rouge to attend my friend Brittany's son's 1st birthday party. Then we are going shopping...Jeremy want another wallet. I got him addicted to ALDO. He has been warned though, I can not be held accountable for what happens in that store. I love my ALDO purse, it has held up great over the two years I've had it(since it hasn't been stolen yet, my first one was).

Don't worry though, I may not be wearing makeup but I will be wearing a cute dress and sandals I got at Target the other day. Can't going around looking too crazy. But the rest of the break will be spent, sadly, working out and writing a research paper. No fun.