{attack of the pollen}

March 31, 2010

Do you want to know what I hate about Spring? Pollen. When I got to work today the sidewalks were literally yellow from all the pollen that had fallen overnight. Yuck!

I have sneezed constantly for days now. And to make it worse once I sneeze it doesn't stop until after I've sneezed about 7 times and my class goes from "Bless you" to "What is wrong with you" and breaking out in giggles because I sneeze so high pitch. Does anyone else sneeze funny?

At the same time I love the flowers and everything else about Spring. I just wish pollen didn't exist. To be honest I am so excited about Easter. I just love getting my Easter basket from my Mom every year. Nothing is better than Cadbury Egg, Peeps, and every kind of traditional candy you can stuff into my basket.

And might I add I also found a pic of a deep fried Cadbury Egg while hunting for a picture of just a regular one.  I must try that. I bet it taste like heaven

So tell me, what is you favorite Easter candy?