Louisiana Bride: It is really not Wednesday yet?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It is really not Wednesday yet?

Can you say "long couple of days?" We had company Sunday and after work and class yesterday I am near dead tonight. And yes I skipped my class tonight...I had to have a break before I got sick from overrunning myself this week.(hey I used a vocabulary word for this week, overrun;) haha) During spring break I got the motivation up to start working out again, it's been hard this semester, and decided the only way I would stick to it is to work out at 5am before I took a shower for work. Two days in an I am still doing it. I have heard two weeks makes a habit so hopefully two weeks of 5am P90X yoga will become a habit. I'd do it after work but I have minimal daylight hours between class and sleepy time...plus I'm just dang tired. Still can't believe I use to not understand why my Mom was so tired after work(she's a teacher), being a student is way easier than standing and yapping all day. At least it is fun. After the crazy stuff that happened today I can't help but call this entertaining.

You seriously won't believe me but the kids during lunch started complaining because some kid "flipped them off." Turns out it was a Pre-K kid. The way the whole thing played out was priceless.

When I get more time I have two recipe post, one new, and one I've made forever and never posted.

Hope y'all have a great week.
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