October 17, 2009

Who knows why, but for some reason lately the dogs have issues with pillows. It seems like every time I get the pillows arranged on the couch they push them all off. I am not kidding, this morning all the pillows were literally pushed off the couch and they were sleeping on top of the pillows on the floor.

But that is not the only thing they have problems with. Ellie has a huge problem with the blanket I leave on the window seat, I've caught her several times pushing it to the floor with her nose.

Maybe I should just let the dogs decorate since they appear to have a problem with how I do things(ha ha).


  1. My Riley is the same way! Maybe there's an interior decorating gene in some breeds... :P

  2. Avery has been doing that lately and it drives me crazy. You know I like everything in it's place! hehe