is there something they forgot to tell me?

October 25, 2009

I had a bit of a meeting the other day that has me pretty irritated...and its been a few days. Apparently your age and height have a lot to do with how well you manage a classroom. Who knew. And apparently someone forgot to tell me I was born a little person cause I am apparently having problems due to my height, either than or I'm four years old and no one mentioned it to me. But at the same time I was told I needed to find a way to overcome this height issue...what height issue? I could have swore 5'4'' was average! But hey, after my last crazy comment I blurted out and quickly realized it would probably come back to haunt two to four in the teaching realm can't get any worse.

The little comment went this way:

Intercom: Can you please send ______ to the office.

Student: What on earth did I do?

Me: Hey, I'm just glad to see someone else being called to the office other than me.

How much money do you wanna bet this one gets reworded and comes back in a few weeks. Trust me it will, I apparently called the kids hoodrats and supposedly someone spit in my trash can and I said "Don't spit in my F-ing trash can!" Do you want to know my theory on why this is happening...I am following the rules and taking away recess and writing kids up when they break rules and they are lashing out at if someone would just believe me when I say they are attempting to take a career hit out on me. I'm not joking, one kid told a kid in my class they were going to make me nuts till I quit or lie till I get fired. Vindictive? Yes! Will I survive? Guess we will find out. Needless to say anyone who is thinking about having kids should hang out with some, this is hardcore birth control.


  1. Hang in there, it is ALWAYS tough the first year!

  2. Well, GROW! lol Who is telling you this crap?!
    Are you thinking "librarian" like I am? And not for elementary, either. =)
    Your mom is 100% right! The McLaurin 4th graders were just as bad. My friend went through the worst there. She was that class' 4th teacher that year. She started in Jan. They bragged about how they'd run the rest off. She left crying most days, but didn't quit. She finished out the year. She moved to Madison and started teaching in an alternative school a year later. Anyway, she said the alternative school is Heaven compared to Natchez. Sad, but true. She's still there, but is now a counselor. Hang in there. Kids figure out when somebody cares about them and they'll see you a year or two from now and love on you. It'll be your worst offenders, too. Been there and done that. =)

  3. Wow!
    Imagine if I was a teacher! At 5ft 2 Surely I would have no control at all!!

    You want me to fly over and open a can of Woop Ass? heehee.

    Hang in there honey!
    Teenagers are shits!!


  4. Children are the devil especially when they are not yours...simple as that! I remember them doing that kind of stuff to that spanish teacher we had in high school. I felt so bad for her. But what can you do. Start recording your classes and not telling them. Then when one of them lies you would have proof. Just hang in there and hope the rest of the school year goes by quick!!!