blog award

October 3, 2009

I got a blog award from Mrs. Bee at the Secret Life of Sass and Lex!

The rules are that I have to write 10 honest things about me that you don't already know, this might prove to be difficult.

1. I went to Great Missenden, England when I was 14 on a mission trip, without my parents, just the church group. It was weird going on such a huge trip like that without anyone I was related to.

2.  I love pickles, Jeremy complains about me eating them in bed. One year for my birthday Nanny and Pop gave me a huge jar of pickled okra and one of spicy beans, hands down best gift ever.

3. In high school there is a pageant every year for senior girls, The Miss Vidalia Pageant. Well there are all sorts of guidelines you have to follow and when you find your dress you have to call it in to the pageant lady so you don't have the same one as someone else. I called mine in at the store before I even bought it, a few days later someone tried to call one in that was "similar" to mine. The girls mother came to our house to check it out and it was the exact same dress. Even though the other girl had bought her dress first I called mine in first so I got to keep mine, needless to say that caused some serious high school drama.

4. Nanny got me addicted to Clinique, we always use to wait for the sale papers to come out and go buy just enough to get the free gift bag...and that gift bag was stinking awesome.

5. I have to have my hair in a ponytail when I sleep, or I don't sleep.

6. As much as I hate facial hair I prefer that Jeremy has facial hair. I attribute my hate for facial hair to my father holding me down and rubbing his stubble on my face as a kid...the way stubble feels still freaks me out

7. I like to sleep with my daschunds during the winter, they are little heating pads. But during the summer they are a one way ticket to sweating your butt off in bed.

8. My car was the victim of a hit and run 5 times between October 2006 and October 2007. I am convinced now that my poor no longer pretty Sunfire is suicidal after our little being run off the road by some old hick incident.

9. I love garage sales.

10. Although my reptile/amphibian fear use to cover fish, lizards, and frogs I have recently become less fearfull of frogs. Meaning, no one has to carry me to the car if I see one...but I'm still not touching it and I may run if you come near me with one.

Now I am forwarding this one to:

Gabby @ Gabby's Zoo
Casey @ Avery's Place
Amanda @ World of the Wilson's
Nicki @ The Kennon Family

Hope everyone has a great Saturday, we are going tailgating and hoping ULM wins their homecoming game...but this is ULM we are talking about so there is a chance we will lose.


  1. :) Who had your same dress? I sleep with a pony tail too and I dislike frogs! I cant wait to read Caseys! :)

  2. Oooo I LOVE Clinique gift time!!
    There is nothing better then their lipsticks!!

    I don't like frogs or toads either, although we have a green tree frog that Moo tries to eat every night.
    He's actually quite cute (enough for me even to name him...his name is Frodo in case you were wondering)
    But the Cane Toads here...
    I hates them!


  3. Have you thanked your mom recently for that England trip?! If not call her tomorrow. I remember she worked all those stupid elections and other jobs to send you on that trip. I thought she was nuts. ;)