kids and dogs

October 15, 2009

After telling my daschund to sit about thirty times today without her ever actually sitting it made me think...I do this all day. I am either telling 5th graders to sit and be quiet, or I'm telling daschunds to sit and stop biting each other. So you may ask, what do 5th graders and daschunds have in common?

1. Both have to be given directions several times to actually do the given task.

2. Both are not easily trained.

3. Like daschunds, 5th graders know the rules but only follow them when they feel like it.

4. They both carry around more mud and dirt than humanly possible.

And Lord knows this weather is great fun. A kid this morning asked if we were going to die this morninng. I, not know the weather situation, commented back "Yes, we will all die this morning, it is the end of the world, now can we take our test?" Who knew that about 30 minutes later all hell would break loose and a tornado would nearly touch down on our school. And after an hour of sitting in the hallway waiting for the storm to pass and watching that same kid have the most serious look on his face after thinking that we really were going to die, I kinda felt bad and updated them on the weather for the rest of the day. What luck.

What was even funnier is that one kid kept asking how long he had been on the floor, another wanted to know if he would ever get to eat lunch(it was only 10am). And my extremely bord child asked me to get my book and read to them. Needless to say the librarian who was in the hall didn't agree with the idea of reading scary stories to the kids(like I've been doing since its October) and picked up where I left off on Fudge, poor kids weren't too happy. But I'm sure I'd be getting a bunch of mean calls from parents saying their kids couldn't sleep because of things I read to them.


  1. That is too cute and funny! I can't relate to the 5th graders, but I can relate to the dogs!

  2. Reward the students who DO what you want. Remember Positive Reinforcement? Vicarious Learning? Put that education to use!

    :D :D :D

    Unca Skip

  3. When I was getting certified in canine behavior (the fancy word for dog training) at the ASPCA in NYC, our teacher had us watch SuperNanny to learn.

    Boy was I glad I was training dogs and not children.