{yet another hair post}

May 13, 2009

I think I finally found what to give the hair stylist to show how we are doing the hair piece. Granted this chicks bun is some kinda messy, but I think this will get the were to place the flower across...since to date no one has totally gotten the idea. Higher than your ear = weird, lower than your ear = outta place, even with you ear= just right.

Y'all should be proud of me I have finished attaching the ribbon to the divider, all I have left to secure the foam board to the actual divider.


  1. one of my friends is getting married in october (here in shreveport) and she wanted to do something different but pretty as far as hair-pieces go. i showed her your blog and the picture your photog took of your hair piece, and she loved it! i also directed her to etsy.com and she found some feather hair-pieces on there that she loves =)