Louisiana Bride: moving = wedding slacking

Friday, May 22, 2009

moving = wedding slacking

Yes I know I've been a blog slacker, but you haven't missed a thing. That's right I have been a wedding slacker as well. Even to the point where Jeremy has offered to help so that I would do something. But what can I say, I am one of those people who has to have their house in order or I'm nuts and since wedding stuff hit the house has looked like a storm blew through, and since we have been moving stuff into the house we are gonna rent this week I have nothing but set up shop here. So needless to say the house is in running order...but the wedding is slacking. But I'm not worried about anything, not even the weather reports that Jeremy has been keeping me posted on for two weeks. Because needless to say ignorance is bliss...and there is no reason to panic about something you can't change...even if the whole wedding is planned for outside.


  1. OMG I remember stressing over the rain thing. We had no backup remember?! I prayed it away - well actually I prayed for the whole year. I dont have a year but I will pray for your day to be rainless!

  2. thanks Cristi! We do have a backup plan, but prefer the outside plan! Em will probably wait to stress when she is here next week.
    MOB (aka Lisa)

  3. WELL HERE YOU GO----- CONGRATULATIONS! SEE YOU TONIGHT. HAVE FUN! Oh and it look like GOD answered our prayer, the weather is beautiful! He is such a good God isnt he?!

  4. Just stopping by to say again how much I enjoyed your wedding. Yes, the weather was great, but the ceremony would have still been lovely. I'll be glad when you post about the honeymoon. I'm sure you have fun there, too. ;)


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