Guest Book Table continued...

May 9, 2009

Remember this? Well I finally decided today to get my act together and head to Hobby Lobby and get the material to make the panels in the divider. After wading through the tons of mom's with kids I managed to get out of there for less that $25, not bad this looked to be one of the cheaper projects. So here is phase 1 and 2 of project guest book table divider thingy:
Phase 1:

{this is just the wooden divider with 1/2 inch think foam board cut and hot glued into the 10x50 panels. good thing i was on a puppet team for several years:) who knew the many uses for foam board}

Phase 2:
{at this point I covered the foam board in material, i just used gold thumb tacks to secure it}

Well that is all of project guest book divider thingy I'm doing tonight, tomorrow I'm going to add the ribbon, and when it's done I'll post phase 3.

And guess what, we found a house to rent! And they allow dogs! Plus it's not a bad price. We had really thought about buying because it is supposed to be so great to buy right now, but since we plan to move in four years when Jeremy is done with grad school we really don't want anything holding us back from escaping Monroe. The last thing I would want is to have an issue selling and potentially get stuck here for life, I think that alone would kill me. But yay for reasonable roomy rent houses, and our wonderful friend Ethan who found it for us!

Have a great Mother's Day, and don't let mine lie to you, I may not be coming home, but I actually sent a card, and I'm as bad as my Dad about gift giving, so I'm doing good. Maybe next year I'll be home with an actual card at the same time.


  1. Thanks for the card and the idea of hiding from the nuts.

  2. glad you found a rent house. Good idea about not buying if you don't want to stay...take it from me, we're stuck :)

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