It's Official

May 7, 2009

I'm the most indecisive person ever. Gabby and I went a few weeks ago so I could do a run through with the hair dresser who is doing our hair for the wedding. I decided on just a plain teased up bun after the bridal hair tragedy. But after seeing this today how bad will I be hated if I say I want a loose looking bun, it is way more natural looking. And I personally am not the prissy fake queen looking type.

I have also decided to actually get my act together and do something, I went to have the programs printed today. I figure it is just way easier to have someone else do them, less stress for me at this point. Plus yesterday we went to get our marriage license. Needless to say the irritating lady who did it failed to ask if we wanted a covenant marriage so when I mentioned it at the end she had an attitude and said we would have to wait till after the wedding cause I should have told her before she did the paper work. Guess what lady you should have told me, heck sorry I am on my first and only marriage compared to the people in front of us who were on #3. Wow I've become quite the angry little ranter lately, doesn't change the fact that some of these goofs should be on old testament law. But I'm gonna quit now, have a great weekend. And if you haven't sent in your RSVP do so now, even the regret, I gotta give the caterer a count soon;)


  1. Love the loose bun. It would look
    good on you.GOB

  2. Maybe I shouldnt tell you this when you are in an angry ranting mood, but I think I misplaced my RSVP. Sorry, will it work if I tell you here that 2 of us will be attending. You can pretend you got it in the mail and mark me down????? :)

  3. I do love the loose bun. However, I love the way she fixed it for the run-through. You should get her to do it on you and see how it looks, then make you decision. but I do love it!

  4. I didn't lose my RSVP but I think I put 2 and Charlie probably isn't coming, so that could count for my mom. lol. We are a little bit unorganized.

    Loose bun is gorgeous.

    The state STINKS at issuing marriage licenses! Did you get it in LA? I have to meet w/ an attorney to get my marriage 'legalized'. Ughhh