{about time i got this half way done}

May 13, 2009

After months of procrastination I finally had programs printed. Most of the delay could be attributed to printing places trying to do it their way and not mine/not listening to a word I said. So I eventually just typed up the whole thing and finally took it somewhere over priced that I really didn't want to go to. But they turned out great minus part of the monogram not being centered correctly.

The plan for the programs is to fold them in half, round the corners, punch a hole in the bottom and time some pretty ribbon to it. And there you have it, a program fan so our poor
guest won't die of heat stroke.

Oh and have I mentioned 17 days left? Well theknot.com sure has made it clear with its lovely "your wedding is in blank days banner" that seems to be a countdown to insanity. I've even started the weird dreams about no one showing up and Jeremy ditching the ceremony to work out{which is strange cause he rarely does}.

And to your left is the monogram that I have tried to upload since last year. I finally just took a picture of the one on the program...wasn't worth trying to upload anymore;)

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