Mother's Day 2022

May 12, 2022

As someone who rarely loves a surprise, I don't know why up until this year I have left this holiday to be determined by my house full of boys. 

I don't generally want a lot, just a relaxed day at the house, an easy lunch, and to check something off my to-do list. (yes I generally save wish list items for holidays) 

I did quite a few things that made this day last, essentially, a weekend. 

Friday we headed to Home Depot to gather 12 terra cotta pots, while Jeremy was off at an event. Saturday, again Jeremy was at an event, I planted my cut flower seeds in their cute little pots while the boys played. That evening we went to dinner and essentially did as little as possible during the day. Sunday we went to church, ate at Raising Cane's, hunted down a kiddie pool, ran by Lowe's, picked up snowballs and then little else the rest of the afternoon. 

The boys played in the pool and on the trampoline, and sprayed everyone with water guns. 

Here's my pot setup. I bought 10 9 inch pots and the two larger ones at the top are 12 inch. I also grabbed two smaller pots to throw herbs in (sweet mint and lavender). 

Below are the flower varieties I am attempting to grow. I'll say attempting until they actually grow and bloom. 

Top left to right: Stock Katz Fragrant, Queen Anne's Lace

Bottom left to right: Zinnia State Fair Mix, Gomphrena, Craspedia 

From top to bottom, the sides mirror each other I have: (top step) Stock & Craspedia, (next down) Zinnia, Gomphrena, (bottom) Queen Anne's Lace (outside) and Zinnia. 

Next year I might try tulips.